the intelligent investor pdf

The intelligent investor is a very popular book which is written by Benjamin Graham and it is ordinary published back in 1949 so it is more than 70 years old book But the popularity

of the book has not been decreased rather it has been increased every year as more people discover the book and it is without a doubt consider to be one of the best books to read in personal finance

category and best books on investing and the book has been placed by many successful millionaires and billionaires including Warren Buffett and Charlie Mungar.

This is a very heavy book not just in terms of pages but also in terms of knowledge and the book is devoted into two major parts where in the first part you will learn about the background

of investors where it provides the instruction to value investing and the importance of long term investing of the money in the stock market and in the second part you learn about the

intelligent investor where you will get detailed guidance and how you can identify amazing stocks where you can invest money in the long term and get the most return from the stock market by investing your money.

So the author talks about different philosophy regarding investing like there is something called as Graham’s value investing philosophy which is based on the idea that stock market is often inefficient which wins the stocks can be

misprised so there is always opportunity for investors to buy stocks at a undervalued price and you can always sell the stocks at a over value price later and make a lot of money in between and apart from

that the author also shares some important principles and factors to consider whenever you are investing in any company in the stock market such as

  1. You should always invest money in companies which have strong financials such as strong balanced sheets and a good history of profitability
  2. You should always buy stocks at a discounted price to their intrinsic value because that is where you are going to get the best stock and best return in the long term and you will find plenty of stocks like that if you properly do research
  3. You should always try to hold your stocks for the long term because that is the only. We are going to get the most return and you have to be patient and hold stocks if you really want to get amazing returns

This book is a very popular book and the principles of personal finance and investing Which are mentioned in the book are still relevant today and have stood the test of time,

Most important lessons you can learn from the book are that you need to do a lot of research behind every stock you purchase and you should not rely on the tips rather do your own research and most importantly you should not be greedy and chase over hot stocks and if you really want to get

most of the returns in the stock market then you need to be patient and investing is a serious business so you should consider it like that not a get rich quick scheme, the author also provides

the importance of diversification and you should not put all of your eggs in one basket rather you should diversify your eggs similarly you should diversify your stock portfolio to avoid risk so

throughout the book the author provides lots of practical advice and timeless wisdom related to stock market and investing money south it is a must eat for everyone and anyone who wants to learn about investing and personal finance.

You can simply click here to download the PDF of the book and start reading the book for free of cost and learn more about stock market and personal finance in detail from the best books ever written on the topic.