the alchemist pdf

This is one of my favorite book the alchemist is a novel which is written by Paulo coelho, This book was first published back in 1988 in Portuguese language but over the period of time it has been translated into several languages worldwide and it has been one of the best international best seller books to read because of its amazing storyline and amazing theme and lesson to learn at the end of the book,

Basically the book is a story of a Sheffard boy called Santiago who travels from his homeland Spain to the desert of the Egypt looking for treasure that is buried under the pyramids of the Egypt but along the way during his journey he will meet several people who will teach him different and interesting lessons so this is our story that talks about following your dreams and listening to your heart and Knowing your true potential in life, 

The book is popular because of easy to understand language translation and most importantly the simple and most powerful message that the book contains which is about following your dreams and realizing that you yourself are the most important and most powerful treasure in the world so it is no surprise that the book has been translated into 80 different languages and more than 80 million copies of the book have been sold worldwide.

With the story of the Shepherd Santiago the author also describes and helps you understand how you can find the purpose in your life and how the ability to take risk in your life can help you achieve a lot of things in your life and also the book teaches you several things like listening to your heart and intuition and learning useful things from different people Follow your dreams as a person because that is what going to give you happiness at the end of the day and from the book you will learn that there is always a personal legend and true potential in every people which is important to find and figure out.

So overall it is a very beautiful and amazing story to read and it will inspire you as well as it has inspired millions of readers worldwide including me so it is a very inspirational and amazing book to read in the self improvement category.