Tamilnadu Class 11th History Book New PDF

In this article I will provide the downloadable link from where you can download the Tamil Nadu Class 11 history textbook for free of cost But before that I would like to share some important information about the book to the students.

Some of the important contents and chapters which are present in the book are,

  1. Early India the beginnings to the Indes Valley civilization and the early India of Charcoal Tick and Meghalithic iron age
  2. Rise of territorial kingdoms and new religious sects
  3. Emergence of state and empire
  4. The Chola Dynasty and Pallava Dynasty
  5. The Vijay Nagar Empire
  6. The arrival of Europeans and the struggle for independence

These are some of the major concepts which are covered in the textbook and it is an essential source for students who want to learn about the history of the state and also for the history of the country because the textbook is very well written and is very engaging and it has a lot of valuable information about the history and culture of the Tamil Nadu state.

In this book you will learn about the prehistoric India where the period before the development of scripts is called as prehistoric times and it is also called as stone age when we talk about the stone age we include the countries of South Asia and all the places which are covering places like India Pakistan Sri Lanka Nepal and Bangladesh and the people living here were evolved from Africa and migrated into different parts of the world.

And there is something called a historic period.. Were the hunters used macrolytic tools for the development and in the later. And these people started hunting and gathering and you will also learn about indus valley civilization.

The level standard history testbook of Tamil Nadu incorporates a lot of multidisciplinary approach which integrates various disciplines like archeology anthropology art literature and a lot of other things like geography so it offers students a holistic understanding of the fields and gives them a lot of knowledge.

You can simply download the PDF of the textbook by clicking here and start reading the PDF for free of cost.