psychology of money pdf

Psychology of money is a very popular book which is written by Morgan Housle that explores different personal finance aspects and this book will talk about Some important lessons regarding wealth greed and happiness as the book was originally published back in 2020,

This book talks about the relationship that the people have with their money both psychological and personal aspects of money management and the author also shares a

lot of personal stories and a lot of research based insights about how people think about money and the author also discusses some important principles of money management Importance of taking necessary risks, Understanding the role of a luck in financial success and much more things.

Basically the book is divided into 3 different parts where in the first part it talks about the past history of money and how the views of the money have been evolved over the period of time and how the financial system of the world has evolved and changed and how people use it to spend

money rather than saving it and in the second part it talks about the present and the current state of personal finance of people and how the psychology related to money

has changed and the importance of saving and the dangers of debt and the power of compounding interest are mentioned and in the third part the future of money and

how the psychology has to change and need to adopt has been introduced where the author discusses about how you need to think about money and how can you save money so that you can achieve financial success is mentioned.

The book is very well written and it is a very thought provoking book because it provides lots of valuable insights related to how you think about money as a human being

and how you can save an invest money south you can achieve financial freedom and lots of actionable strategies and principles are introduced in the book so the book contains lots of stories and

engaging and easy to understand so if you are someone who are interested to learn more about personal finance and money management then you should be getting this book because it has lots of personal experience with

money of the author which he shares and the author also talks about how you have to think about money and what should be your mindset related to money and the author also mention the importance

and power of component interest and the future of money and many more interesting stuff related to personal finance which you might find interesting to read.

You can simply click here to download the PDF and start reading the book for free of cost.