It starts with US pdf

It starts with US is a popular romance novel written by Colleen Hoover, If you are a big fan of the author Colleen Hoover and his books then you might be eagerly waiting to read his sequel book and in this article I will provide some glimpses and things you will learn by reading the book so,

 This book is kind of as equal to a popular best selling novel of the same author which is that it ends with us book, The sequel of this book was first announced back in 2022 in February month and this book is one of the most pre ordered book of all time by Simon and Schuster.

If you might have read the book of it ends with us then Let me tell you something that this novel starts from story from where its prequel ended, There are two main characters Lenny Bloom and her ex husband Ryle, When they were cooperating with each other then the women gets into love with atlas corrigan again after almost two years of being separated from each other and then Linney and Atlas fall back into their old rhythm and the soon realize that there is lot of things both of them can learn from each other

 but Lenny is still struggling with her abusive relationship she had with her previous ex husband Rayleigh and a class is the person who is trying to come up after the death of his parents so this is a book about giving second chances to your life love and healing and there is a very interesting thing we can learn from the book is that about when things seem hopeless, there is always hope for a better tomorrow.

Some popular things that most of the people love reading about from the book it starts with us are,

The characters of both Lily and Atlas are very complex yet They are very highly developed actors and they both have a lot of love to each other and there is also a lot of romance and heartwarming good relationship between 

Lily and Atlas which will make you feel warm about the love and affection each of them have to each other, And obviously you will learn the message that is hidden in the novel that you need to give second chances to each other in your life because everybody deserves a second chance whether it is in relationship or it is in love and life.

There are so many amazing quotes are present in the book like I prefer honesty over loyalty any day because with honesty comes loyalty, One more quote is that all humans make mistakes what determines a person’s character are not the mistakes

 we make it’s how we take those mistakes and turn them into lessons rather than excuses and I may not be perfect but I do not Profile for my life every time I make a mistake and lastly love discovering it giving it receiving it falling in it living in it and leaving for it so these are my favorite quotes of from the book.

You can either download the PDF of the book by clicking the download button below or you can purchase the book like a paperback or a Hard copy of the book from Amazon but I have given the link of the PDF from where you can download below.