how to win friends and influence people pdf

How to win friends and influence people is a very popular people which is written by Dale Carnegie and this book is so popular that over 30 million copies of the book

have been sold worldwide and the book has been translated into so many different languages worldwide to put simply this is the most popular self improvement

book you can read because by reading this book you can increase your communication and social skills drastically because of his amazing principles and techniques and this book was originally published back in 1936

So it has been more than 90 years but still the book is very popular and the principles and techniques mentioned in the book are stood the test of time.

This is a book which is based upon the topics of communication skills effective public speaking building good human relations and giving practical advice on how you can make friends

and friends people and become successful in your life as the name of the book suggests so if you look at any successful person in general

who is wealthy and who is very rich then you will most likely see that he is a very social person and he has amazing public speaking and communication skills so if you want to be

successful in your life as well you need to have good communication and public speaking skills which you will learn in this book and by practical implementing the strategies and techniques you can become effective public speaker.

The book has been obviously divided into 4 different parts because it is 300 pages long book and in all parts you will learn something new and important in each part for example,

  1. In the first part you will learn the basics of human relations and how being sincere and being genuinely interested towards others will help you have good relationship with others and you will also learn the secrets of handling good relationship with others such as remembering the name and listening
  2. In the second part you will learn six different ways of how you can make people like you such as having a good impression and becoming a good listener of others and being genuinely interested and asking questions about other people about their life to learn more about them
  3. You’ll also learn various persuasion and techniques of how you can make people to think and act in a way that you want using logic emotional appeals and asking questions
  4. You can also learn how you can become a leader and and how you can change people for better without getting into argument and how you can handle disputes Conflicts criticism.

If you don’t have the time to read the entire book of 300 pages then here are some of the most important lessons and

learnings from the book because I have read the book over several times and I would Not hesitate to say that because of this book my communication skills have been increased drastically.

  1. You should always be a good listener and listen to what people are saying without interrupting and ask questions to clarify and asking questions will make you seem like you are paying attention to what people are saying which is a good thing in building relations
  2. You should always try to smile because smiling is a great way to build a good first impression and it is also something that will make people warm and feel welcomed and it will protray you as a very friendly and approachable person in public
  3. You should also try to be very positive person and optimistic in your work
  4. You should also try to avoid arguments with people and always try to avoid arguments and change the subject as much as possible because arguments can lead to fights and more bad stuff
  5. You should always try to remember the people and their names because if you remember peoples name then they care more about you and they feel happy and it also shows that you are paying attention to other people.

how to inference and influence people is a very popular and very classic and most popular self improvement book because it has improved the lives of millions of people by improving their relationships and life and helping them achieve success through their communication

and social skills so this is a book which is full of lot of practical examples and advice which is very easy to understand

and apply as well so if you are looking for some book which will help you achieve success faster by improving your public speaking and communication skills and social skills then you should look no further than this book.

You can simply download the book by clicking the download button below and start reading the books from the PDF below.