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The Hobbit is a very popular book which is written by JRR Tolkien in 1937 time. So basically it is a book written for children and adults and it is a book that is like a story of a character called Baggins

who is The Hobbit and he goes on a mission and adventure to reclaim the treasure which is lost of the smaug dragon.

The habit is a very popular story for kids and with this amazing story the author teaches kids on how they can overcome their failure and become hero in their life with the help of the characters and

this is a very wonderful book for kids and adults because this book is full of humor adventure excitement and most importantly it has amazing characters which kids love to read.

The book is set in Middle-earth and follows home-loving Bilbo Baggins, the hobbit of the title, who joins the wizard Gandalf and thirteen dwarves that make up Thorin Oakenshield’s Company,

on a quest to reclaim the dwarves’ home and treasure from the dragon Smaug. Bilbo’s journey takes him from his peaceful rural surroundings into more sinister territory, including the Misty Mountains, goblin tunnels, and the Lonely Mountain.

There is another book called the Lord of the Rings which is similar to Hobbits and the other book is also being written by the same author in the same time. But as compared to the Hobbit

the Lord of the Rings is much more longer and a lot of complex book to read but it has the same characters and similar storyline and it teaches similar lessons in both the books.

The Lord of the rings has also been adapted into several successful movies along with that The Hobbit is also a popular story which has been adapted and used in many several films including an

animated film in 199 And this book is so popular that it has been translated into 60 different languages worldwide and more than 100 million copies of the book have been solved worldwide because of its popularity and because it is popular for its cactus and it is written for students and kids and adults.

By reading this book you will learn the following things,

  • The importance of having courage and determination
  • The power of having a good friendship
  • The value of having a home

Show overall this is a very amazing book to read for people of all generations because it is a book of friendship adventure and self discovery and most importantly it is a book of courage and determination which is an amazing lesson for kids to read and learn.

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