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Gianna Bryant autopsy is also known as GiGi autopsy report and it is the sudden death of Gianna Bryant who is actually the daughter of Kobe Bryant who is NBA legend player and after hearing the news of the death of her daughter it shocked the world and it is not just the daughter but along with that her father and seven other people have

lost their life in a helicopter crash in California on January 26 2020 and the autopsy report of their death was released on February 4th 2020 which has given some details about the death and passing away of

these people so according to the autopsy report the death was caused by the force and trauma of the Helicopter crash and the report also found that it was only because of helicopter crash The death of the people

have occurred and there were no medical conditions or no such drugs or alcohol found in the body of Gianna ever before and Because of that heavy blow of the helicopter crash which caused a lot of injuries and

fractures to her in the skull and Pelvis area and also in the ribcage, There are several theories on why helicopter has crashed but the most prominent one was that due to bad weather conditions the helicopter

might have crashed and also not practicing proper safety protocols is also reason for the crash of the helicopter which caused the death of the people.

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