brief answers to the big questions pdf

Brief answers to the big questions is a very popular book written by Stephen Hawking during his last days of life and this is a book which was originally published back in 2018,

This book has been translated into several different languages and millions of copies of the book have been sold worldwide because of two main reasons that it is written by Stephen Hawking

who is the most popular scientist of our century in astronomy and it is His last book and most importantly the book answers to some of the most popular questions of Science and astronomy.

The book was published after the death of Stephen Hawking who is one of the most popular scientists in the world, he is known for his Contribution related to astronomy and black holes and

how the radiation released from the black holes can be detected using special equipment and instruments so with his immense knowledge related to science and astronomy this book is like a collection of thoughts

you can say of the mind of Stephen Hawking and he answers the questions to some of the most popular questions in astronomy and science so if you are someone who is very curious about astronomy

physics science and black holes and possibility of time travel then you must be reading this book because most of your questions will be answered and it will increase your curiosity as well and knowledge as well.

So the Stephen Hawking discusses different questions in the book such as,

  1. He answers to the most popular questions like whether the god exists in the universe or not and was the universe created by the god or some divine creator
  2. The Stephen Hawking discusses about the Big Bang Theory which is the main beginning point of the universe and that is where the universe began and we all have come from to the most popular question that how did all began
  3. The Stephen Hawking also answers to the most popular question that what is present inside a black hole and to reply hawking said that black holes are very mysterious things because of their heavy gravitational energy they contain information about the matter that has fallen into them so nobody really knows what’s inside black holes because we have never known much information about these
  4. Best Stephen Hawking also answers to the most popular question that is time travel possible to which he said it is definitely possible if you travel with the speed of light which is impossible scientifically but theoretically it is possible as per the hawking
  5. The Stephen Hawking also answers to the most popular question that are there any aliens to which hawking says that there is definitely other living organisms in the universe apart from the earth because the universe is so vast and big and we have also found several planets which have similar features and atmosphere like earth and they also have water so there must be life in other parts of the world and universe but it is just that we have not found them so we cannot say that there is no life in the universe so hawking believes that there is life outside the universe and outside the Earth and there are aliens for sure and it is just a matter of time to find us

Just like this the hawking answers to various different types of questions in the book of the brief answers to the big questions so in my view I have personally read this book and

I would definitely recommend reading this book for everyone who is interested in astronomy space physics science and

who does have a lot of curiosity and wants to get information on these topics because you will not only increase your knowledge but you will also find astronomy and science very curious subject

so this is a book which is very written and very clear and accessible style and it is suitable for readers irrespective of their background whether they are beginners or expert level because

This book has been written in a very beginner friendly manner and you can simply download the PDF by clicking the download button below and started reading the book for free of cost.