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The art of seduction is a very popular book which is written by robbed green and this was the first book which was published back in 2001 so as you can learn from the name itself of the book that you will learn things like physical interaction and physical attraction and emotional manipulation and all these topics from the book and as per the author the author argues or the author says that direction is a skill that can be learned and mastered with practice and techniques and he provides a lot of strategies and techniques which you can use to become more seductive person.

I will provide you some important information which might be helpful for you before reading the book in this article like the book has been divided into four different parts where in the first part

  1. The first part is about the natural wear in this section you will discuss and learn about the qualities that will make you seductive person naturally
  2. In the second section it will explore different techniques you can use to become more seductive person using your charm and social skills
  3. In the third section you will learn about the usage of power and domination to seduce other people
  4. In the 4th section you will learn the art of selection through the use of mystery teasing and much more techniques

So if you don’t have enough time then here are some important learnings from the book of art of selection

  • Seduction is not just about physical attraction but it is also about emotional manipulation and the best strategy and technique to seduce some person is to create a sense of mystery around yourself so that they can get the curiosity to learn more about you and tease and fruit with them and you can also build rapport with them and build emotional connection with them
  • Another most important thing of seduction is to make your target feel special about themselves and make them feel like you are the only person in the world who can see them and understand them for who they are really
  • it is the skill that can be learned and mastered just like any other skill and there are so many strategies and techniques that the author discusses in the book like mystery and teasing
  • Another important learning is that seduction is not always about getting what you want sometimes you have to leave your target wanting more from you than you wanting more from them
  • And the author also gives some important tips on seduction like you have to be confident because confidence is one of the most important qualities which make people attractive and most importantly you have to be yourself like you do not have to pretend to be someone else as it will make you look fake and
  • most importantly you have to be good listeners because people love to talk about themselves and when the moment you start listening to what people have to say you will become more likable for the other person and
  • you have to ask questions about other people and learn and be more interested in other people in order to seduce them and most importantly you have to be respectful with other people especially their opinions and don’t always have any argument with them

So these are some important things you will be learning from the book of the art of selection and if you have enough time then I will provide you the PDF from where you can download the book by simply clicking the download button below.