A rose for Emily pdf

A rose for Emily is a popular short story written by William Faulkner which was initially published in 1930 and this is a story that tells about a tale of a woman called Emily who is a reclusive spinster and she lives with her father in a mansion in a fictional town of Jefferson

 which is present in Mississippi and when her father dies she refuses to let any other person enter into her room and home and the people in the town believes that the woman has gone mad and worry about the mental health of the woman after the death of the father and one day a person 

with a name of Baron arrives into the town he begins talking with Emily and both of them get into a relationship with each other and get married very soon and after the few weeks the husband get disappeared And years after when the women also died then the people in the town 

realized that that the husband’s body is present in the upstairs bedroom of the house so the Emily was feeding the dead body with a lot of arsenic and the people of the town will eventually place a beautiful rose on the grave of the Emily which symbolizes the love and affection that the 

woman had towards her husband and also the beautiful relationship both of them had together and the story ended beautifully so it is a very complex and very disturbing story which touches upon different things like love loss dark side of human nature and it is a very interesting story 

to read if you are interested into such themes and categories and this story was so popular that it was also converted into several popular television shows and movies as well and this 

story is popular for amazing narrator which creates amazing suspense and mystery in the story which makes the user or the reader get hooked to the story and read till the end 

So overall it is a well written and thought provoking story which I would recommend you to read and you can easily download the PDF of the storybook by clicking the download button below.