a raisin in the sun pdf

a raisin in the sun is a popular 1959 play by lorraine hansberry which tells the story of black family living in chicago and this play touches topics like racism, Assimilation and American dream topics.

So basically the play opens with the family waiting for arrival of a heavy $10k insurance check and the money comes from death of a person called Mr Younger who is the patriarch of the family and the adult members of the family get an idea as what they would like to do with the money they will be getting and the main matriarch of the family mama wants to buy a house where the Sun Walter Lee would like to invest that money into a liquor store which they are starting with their friends and the wife is pregnant and wants to use the money to have a better life for the children and the Walter Lee sister wants to use the money to go for medical school and become a doctor.

The younger plans for the money are avoided from the white community when they try to buy a house because they are living in a white neighborhood so they will be discriminated and harassed from buying house and they are also having a lot of internal conflicts And they have a lot of confusion between whether to provide for the family or for the friends with the Walter Lee

At the end they managed to buy a house so basically it is a very ground breaking and very thought provoking play so it was a first play which was written by an African American woman called and it was also being produced on Broadway so even though the play was very controversial one because i

t dealt with issues of racism which is an important topic of the society so it also has been praised by many people because it touches upon the livelihood of the African Americans who lived in the society in during 1950s And the play has also been praised for amazing strong actors and message that the play is conveying with the story so it is a wonderful story to read

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