a court of silver flames pdf

A court of silver flames is a popular romance novel which is written by Sarah J mass And this is her fifth and one of the most popular best selling books after her famous book series of a court of Thorns and Roses series.

This book was actually released back in 2021 in the month of February.

It is a novel which follows characters like Nesta, the sister of Fairy Arkansas and high lady called of night court where the main character Nesta is a proud woman who is struggling to find her peace in the world and she is regularly being haunted by the horrors of the war with hyper and all she lost in it.

When Nesta is given the task of helping Warriors for training in the battle then she will find it herself drawn to Cassian who is one of the most powerful and very popular warriors in the night court at the same time the coincidence is that the warrior is also being haunted by his first as nesta,

Both Nesta and Kasian work together and slowly have a good relationship with each other other and their past wounds get healed but their love is now being threatened by the dangers that will be surrounded by them.

Now their love is being threatened by the dangers like the treacherous human Queens who return to the continent during the last war have made a dangerous alliance with threatening the piece that has settled over the realms, Both the characters will now battle against the monsters within and without as they search for the acceptance of their healing

so it is a very popular novel story which is written by this. And this novel has been praised by many people because it has strong female characters and it is a novel which touches topics like romance love and battle scenes so it is a wonderful novel to read even though it has a bunch of flaws like it will not be very original but it is a well written and very enjoyable novel for people.

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